Maintain a Materials Selection/Collection Development Policy

  • Explain what the library will collect.

  • What won't be collected?

  • Who will the collection serve?

  • How are items selected (review sources)

  • Include the Library Bill of Rights

Maintain a Material Reconsideration Policy

  • Handle all complaints the same

  • Make sure all staff members are familiar with the policy and the steps that need to occur when there is a challenge to library material

  • Formal complains should be submitted in writing

A Reconsideration Form Should Include

  • Basic information from the person (name and contact information)

  • What concerns you about this book?

  • What is the central theme of the book?

  • What is offensive?

  • What do you recommend in place of this book?

  • A statement explaining the material will not be removed from the library until the review process has been completed.

Seek Help from Organizations and Professional Librarians

Keep Up-to-Date


When a Challenge Occurs

List Developed by Kathy Barco & Valerie Nye